Unreliable Cash Flow – Scarier Than Ghouls and Goblins!

Halloween is right around the corner – it’s the scariest time of the year.  But if you’re a business owner, ghouls and goblins probably aren’t what are scaring you the most – it’s your up and down, unreliable cash flow. Cash flow is essential to keeping a business...

This Labor Day, Ask Yourself: What’s Your Time/Labor Worth?

It’s a pretty simple question, and the answer can help you make a variety of business decisions, from maximizing your productivity to deciding which tasks to delegate or outsource. But although the question is simple, it can be challenging to come up with a good...

4 Ways On Demand CFO Services Can Stabilize Your Business

Whether your company is enjoying a major growth spurt or dealing with a decline in your business cycle, hiring an on demand CFO is a great way to leverage their strategic expertise to revolutionize your business. You don’t need to employ a full-time CFO in order to...

Do I really need to do a budget?

What is all this talk about budgets?  Why do I need to do a budget you might ask?  I might say where do you want to end up? Stop, after all, with no budget and goals to strive for why are you in business in the first place? 1.       Why Do a Budget a. A budget lets...

Give and get back twice at year end this year

Now that Christmas is over and you have a little time to reflect, it would be wonderful to continue the giving spirit and get back twice for yourself while doing it. First of all, belated Merry Christmas to you and your family. And no, this is not a sales pitch, just...

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Financial Operations and Cash Flow Assessment ONLY $97 - A $997 VALUE!


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