Halloween is right around the corner – it’s the scariest time of the year.  But if you’re a business owner, ghouls and goblins probably aren’t what are scaring you the most – it’s your up and down, unreliable cash flow.

Cash flow is essential to keeping a business functioning. Even high growth and record profits may not be enough to offset a cash flow problem. If your business is vulnerable to poor cash flow, an outsourced CFO can help you manage and boost your cash flow.

NOTHING is more IMPORTANT than your cash flow. Period.

From the moment you started your business, one issue that is always at the top of your mind – something that can cause anxiety and concern – is an undependable cash flow!

How many times have you felt anxious or worried, wondering if the cash you’re expecting will show up? And if it doesn’t, what will you do? You have expenses you must pay such as payroll, rent, vendors, insurance, advertising, etc.

With proper cash flow management systems in place, you can relax and focus on growing your business.

Why is a Cash Flow Assessment So Important To Your Business?

Cash flow analysis is the best measure of a company’s performance because:

It can be measured and compared. Cash is tangible, measurable and can be gauged in standard units acceptable to anyone.

It’s difficult to fake. There are many dishonest techniques that can be used to make a business look more successful than it really is, but it’s difficult to do the same with cash.

It’s commonly accepted as a store of value. You don’t have to convince anyone as to the value of $10 million in cash – everyone basically accepts cash.

So what’s the risk-free offer?

This month I’m offering new clients a one-day cash flow assessment – valued at $997 – for just $97!

And if during that day of cash flow assessment I don’t come up with any ideas to improve your cash flow, I will refund that $97.

PLUS…I am so sure that I will be able to offer you ideas that I will give you a fresh $100 bill if you are not completely satisfied…you can do your Halloween shopping on me.  As a business owner, it simply is an offer you can’t refuse!

Don’t spend any more sleepless nights worrying about your cash flow.  To learn more about my CFO On-Demand Cash Flow Services, visit my website, or call my office at (330) 348-3932.  Feel free to email me with questions regarding this offer or any of my other services.


Financial Operations and Cash Flow Assessment ONLY $97 - A $997 VALUE!


One day on-site visit to help improve cash flow.